fastWMS (Warehouse Management System)

FastWMS is a warehouse and inventory management system based on complex logistics environment and business characteristics. It manages the ordering, goods receipt, order management, picking, warehouse, inventory management, Logistics solution.

Inventory accuracy and real-time inventory check management / Load space efficiency and first-in / first-out ability / Effective manpower management by shortening work time from goods receipt to delivery

Conceptual diagram

WMS is linked with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), MES (Production Management System) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) and receives information for standard information and production from MES / ERP system and executes production and manufacturing activities in a timely manner. And provides accurate inventory information through interlocking with SCM, which enables smooth flow of goods.


Hardware configuration diagram

Key Features : Real-time interworking with MES, real-time warehouse status monitoring, data entry, warehousing, picking information verification, barcode issuance and RF-ID data integration



By managing the entry / exit of materials / products according to the linkage with ERP and own production / shipment plan, and managing the loading / moving / picking status in the warehouse, it is possible to grasp the logistics flow in real time


Software Configuration Diagram

It is a WMS professional solution based on experience of building various warehouse logistics management system in Korea. Using proven solutions that are already in use in the field, you can apply them quickly and maximize warehouse operation efficiency.


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