fastMES (Manufacturing Execution System)

FastMES is a manufacturing execution system that controls the site as a system so that production can proceed according to plan and assists quick decision making by collecting and analyzing valuable on-site.

Process control and logistics control based on planning and routing / Real-time process information collection and analysis (production capacity, labor time, facility time, defects, process conditions, etc.) / Cost competitiveness through direct effect on productivity improvement, quality improvement, Improving

Conceptual diagram

MES is located at the center of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and PDM (Product Information Integration Management) systems, and acts as a manufacturing system information hub. From ERP / SCM / PDM system, production / delivery plan, product / material information are provided and overall production and manufacturing activities are carried out. It also controls DAS (data collection management) to enable production / equipment automation.


Automobile parts: tracking all logistics flow from material input / production / shipment and linking process conditions
ERP interface: Adapter with interface with SAP MM / QM / PP / SD module, interoperable with other ERP

Hardware configuration diagram

Key features: Interworking with ERP such as SAP and Oracle, monitoring real-time process status, checking real-time trends of major process parameters through Industrial KIOSK, data interlocking using barcode and RF-ID, real-time tracking of LOT Traceability System , Production, shipment, etc.)



Establish and distribute material supply and production plans according to sales plan and sales plan, and monitor movement of inter-process materials and work-in-progress. Real-time LOT tracking is also possible through defect management through quality control and overall flow control.


Software Configuration Diagram

FastMES has a stable structure, and other external modules are standardized together with individual service module in MES Core. Even if the production environment or manufacturing method is increased or changed, it is possible to respond quickly by setting environment and modifying MES

Main Screen

Effect of introduction


Improved real-time processing


Shorten work input time


Improved ability to respond to PL law


Decrease in paperwork


Lead time reduction


Decrease inventory hold

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