Technical services for uninterrupted operation and improvement of information systems

Haesol Information System Co., Ltd. supports the maintenance service of the information system operated by the customer with know-how of the various information system construction and high technology of the manufacturing industry

In order to maintain stable system operation, we establish level IT maintenance strategy and support steady improvement activities and upgrades. As a permanent partner with Haesol Information System Co., Ltd., we can guarantee stable operation and improvement of system.

System maintenance


Technical support

  • Online (remote) technical support
  • Failure and Error Analysis


Product patch

  • Support for product patches and updates
  • Providing related technical information


Emergency Handling

  • Support emergency service team in case of disability
  • Remote or visit support


Operator and user training

  • Practical offline education based on real work environment


Preventive Inspection

  • Regular visits to preventive check-up service


Structural Diagnosis and Consulting

  • Structural diagnostics and consulting to respond to business model changes

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