Production/Process/Logistics/Quality Information Solution Consulting

Heasol Information System Co., Ltd.'s consulting service is provided in connection with the solution portfolio aiming at productivity improvement and quality improvement of the manufacturing industry

Consulting services of Heasol Information System Co., Ltd., which combines specialized knowledge and IT technology for each industry group, goes beyond the IT strategy and approaches from the viewpoint of business technology to improve customer business and improve performance. In addition, it is possible to promote the smart factory / digital production informatization project supported by the government.

Solution Consulting



  • Feasibility analysis before introducing the solution
  • Diagnosing and Guiding Implementation Environment
  • Providing Successful Business Strategy for Building Smart Factory and Digital Production Informatization



  • Analyze solutions optimized for your system environment
  • Solution Modeling and Implementation Strategy


Operations Management

  • We propose solution management strategy that minimizes the difference between customer's business and IT solution and steadily improves

Automotive Parts / Semiconductor MES Consulting


POP / MES building strategy for auto parts

  • Process and data standardization strategy
  • Architecture and Instance Implementation Strategy
  • Provision of production and process management solutions for processing and assembly processes
  • Proposal of solutions such as LOT tracking re-inventory / inventory monitoring, airborne management
  • operation management, In-house and outsourced subcontracting In-process inventory monitoring


Semiconductor MES deployment strategy

  • Process and data standardization strategy
  • Architecture and Instance ImplementationStrategy
  • General Wafer Semiconductor: Presenting solution of all process from FAB front (front) / rear (rear) to packaging
  • LLED Semiconductor: Presenting solutions for all processes in PSS (Photo / Etching), EPI (MOCVD), CHIP (front / rear)
  • Provides data analysis and yield status at high speed in hundreds of probing and sorting processes
  • Chip unit fine track


MDW Implementation Consulting

  • MDW (MES Data Warehouse) Implementation Strategy
  • Provides inspection data analysis and process analysis information of test equipment
  • Semiconductor: High-speed chip characteristics data storage and analysis technology
  • Integrated monitoring system of MES
  • Present your operating organization and Help Desk implementation guide

Real-Time SAP Module Interface


Real-time data management

  • Interfacing with SAP modules to manage real-time data from purchasing receipt to production / quality and shipping
  • Response time of field PDAs and COMPUTER from 0.2 second to 2 seconds
  • regardless of SAP load or network failure, Minimize backlog by automatic interface according to logistics moving order


SAP Linkage Module

  • MM : Purchase / return of purchasing, processing of unqualified goods, transfer of stock
  • PP : production planning distribution, work instructions, bar code / RFID
  • QM : Process defect, scrap, import / shipment inspection, re-inspection
  • SD : sales, delivery, consignment, export

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