Jung Man-Gi's first vice-minister who is the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy ,visited Smart excellent construction Company

As a mid-sized company, Yura is a model company that is constructing step-by-step smart factories to strengthen its competitiveness.․ The rate of defection is reduced by 97.8% through real-time data management system of facilities and increased the number of production items.(84→106) We will continue to improve in the future.


[Daesung Electric China Factory] "Quantum Growth by Introduction of Large Enterprise Management System"

Transformed into car parts after LS acquisition / More than 70% automation of injection and assembly / 2008 sales id 50 billion won that last year is 210 billion / Diversify local and global customers in China / Sales will reach 1.5 trillion won by 2020.
Daesung Electric's headquarters in China posted sales of 500 billion Won in 2008 With the development of an advanced manufacturing and management system, quantum jumped more than four times to 210 billion won last year. When competitors grow 7 ~ 8% per year, Daesung Electric of China corporation   maintain high growth of 20 ~ 30% every year.


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